2D MOT 2015 Results

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Benchmark Statistics


Evaluation Measures

Lower is better. Higher is better.
Measure Better Perfect Description
AP higher 100 % Average Precision taken over a set of reference recall values (0:0.1:1)
MODA higher 100 % Multiple Object Detection Accuracy [1]. This measure combines false positives and missed targets.
MOTP higher 100 % Multiple Object Detection Precision [1]. The misalignment between the annotated and the predicted bounding boxes.
FAF lower 0 The average number of false alarms per frame.
TP higher #GT The total number of true positives.
FP lower 0 The total number of false positives.
FN lower 0 The total number of false negatives (missed targets).
Precision higher 100 % Ratio of TP / (TP+FP).
Recall higher 100 % Ratio of correct detections to total number of GT boxes.


Symbol Description
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[1] Stiefelhagen, R., Bernardin, K., Bowers, R., Garofolo, J.S., Mostefa, D. & Soundararajan, P. The CLEAR 2006 Evaluation. In CLEAR, 2006.