News Archive

March 20, 2023We have opened two new challenges for video instance segmentation in closed-world and open-world settings! Moreover, we have opened permanent benchmarks for synthetic MOT and MOTS.
August 02, 2021The MOTChallenge-STEP benchmark is now online here.
June 22, 2021Head Tracking 21 (HT21) is now online!: HT21
March 26, 2021MOTChallenge is now reporting HOTA metrics.
February 10, 2021The CTMC-v1 challenge for CVPR21 is now online: CTMC-v1
June 16, 2020The Zebrafish challenge (3D-ZeF20) is now online: 3D-ZeF20
April 08, 2020The CVPR 2020 MOTS Challenge is now online: CVPR_2020_MOTS_Challenge
March 11, 2020The MOT20 detection challenge is now online: MOT20Det
February 29, 2020The MOT20 tracking challenge is now online: MOT20
July 05, 2019The results of the CVPR 2019 Tracking and Detection Challenge are now online!
June 24, 2019The CVPR 2019 challenges are closed new. The best models will be awarded at the CVPR BMTT WORKSHOP (16.06.19)
May 16, 2019The CVPR 19 challenges are now online: CVPR19 and CVPR19Det
February 14, 2017A new detection challenge is online: MOT17Det
February 10, 2017A new challenge is online: PETS2017
January 24, 2017We are part of the new VideoNet initiative.
January 07, 2017There will be two MOTChallenge related workshops at CVPR 2017: BMTT-PETS and REID-MTMC.
October 09, 2016Congratulations to Siyu Tang et al. for winning the ECCV 2016 MOTChallenge!
September 29, 2016Visual quality assessment: Try it now!
June 15, 2016The ECCV Workshop Challenge is now open for submission.
April 11, 2016We will organize a workshop at ECCV 2016. Hope to see you in Amsterdam!
August 26, 2015MOTChallenge is now served entirely over HTTPS.
July 24, 2015We have started releasing the raw tracking data for all published submissions.
April 08, 2015The manuscript on the MOTChallenge benchmark is now public.
March 01, 2015MOT16: a new release of the benchmark is online.
February 22, 2015We have updated the 3D Benchmark.
January 25, 2015The development kit is released.
January 25, 2015A new visualization page is online.
January 09, 2015The Workshop on Benchmarking Multi-target Tracking takes place. See challenge results.
December 15, 2014The WACV challenge closes with two entries.
November 19, 2014The WACV challenge is open for submission! Please check the details on the WACV BMTT workshop website.
October 31, 2014The Multiple Object Tracking website is online!